Business Solutions

Truck with container

Storage is not just a personal problem. It also impacts businesses, which is why we offer comprehensive storage solutions for business owners. With our solutions, you can easily keep important items and materials safe with absolute ease.

Build Materials

Rome wasn’t built in a day. In fact, most things aren’t. Our commercial storage solutions are perfect for construction teams who need a way to keep their materials safe while they are on site. Whether you are storing build materials or you just want a safe place to keep your tools, our storage solutions can help.

Hospital Storage

Now more than ever, we understand the need to keep hospital supplies close. Of course, store rooms are only designed to hold so much. With our hospital storage solutions, you can easily keep extra supplies on the property without having to invest in a remodel or new building. We make it easy to keep emergency supplies on hand so they are there when you need them.

Event Materials

Hosting an event can be difficult and it tends to come with a lot of supplies. Our event storage solutions make it easy to keep all of the right items on hand whether you are hosting a 5K or a charity event. Let us keep the right items safe and secure while you focus on providing the ultimate event experience. They can also be used to keep merchandise nearby without cluttering storefronts!

Home Staging

Real estate agents have been known to stage homes to make them more appealing to potential buyers. Of course, when someone buys the home, you need to put the staging furniture somewhere else. With our storage solutions, you can easily store that extra furniture for the next home. Our weatherproof containers keep furniture safe and clean when it isn’t in use.

Seasonal Solutions

Some businesses thrive during certain seasons and we are here to help. Our storage containers are the perfect option for seasonal businesses. Whether you are expecting more stock than usual, or you are running a seasonal pop-up like a haunted house or Christmas store, our storage solutions allow you to maximize on your space and never run out of much-needed products.

Retirement Community Solutions

Sometimes retirement communities work with patients that are not completely through the transition. You might have a new tenant that still has to sort out some of their supplies, which can make it difficult. Rather than forcing your retirement home community to abandon their belongings, offer them the chance to store their extra and more valuable items so that they can decide what is best for them and their family. It is a simple offering that can provide an incredible experience for the members of your community.